Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Stuff, but what to do with it?

About two weeks ago, we were out of town and had the opportunity to hit a few stores.  Nothing new, mind you, except the locations.  TJ. Maxx, Marshalls and Pier One. I frequent those around home, but really happened to hit the jackpot that day in new locations a state away!

I'd like to share with you my finds.  They are still unclean, tags still on and unsure of their future home.  Looking for some inspiration and ideas. 
2 cute wicker baskets.  I couldn't decide between the white one and the unfinished, so for $1.50 each, I took both.  If I would've only chosen one, I would've kicked myself down the road why I didn't choose the other one! They have plastic lining. Mmm, do they go indoors, or out? For fresh flowers or a potted plant? Unique because of the tin stamp on them.
Too cute lantern with glass panels.  Pier One, $4.29.  This could go on my patio in the summer as it's brown and orange, or easily in my basement rec/family room.  I'm thinking really cute with a lit chunky candle.
A great, cylinder type vase. Thick, heavy glass. Nice, soft edges. I priced this at Walmart, $10.  Marshalls, $3.50 on third markdown.
I have some wrought iron in my home and trying to incorporate a little more black throughout the house....this basket is about 12 by 16 inches. Love it, but not sure what to do with it yet?
This basket could be used as a bread basket or on a table with some moss orbs? Love the filigree and really don't want to cover it up? Or, maybe hung up on the wall somewhere?
Another vase, this one $2.00. I was thinking a little sand and pink taper along with a floral ring?
A great black candlestick. Love the scrolls and details. $4.00. Only one of these, and I always have a hard time with "one". I know, I need to pair with something else, but kind of stuck yet.
Another great vase. A big 18 inches high. Only $5.00! A great deal. It is footed and love the size. I tried to put it upside down as a cloche, but not quite the right look. I need to stare at this one awhile.  I want something different other than a candle and some greens or flowers. 

So, as I promised myself to wait until March 15th for "Springy" accessories, I pulled these all back out today so I could try to blend them in with my other spring-type stuff.
Ideas? Suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

Love the tall vase! Maybe a topiary inside?