Monday, March 21, 2011

Touches of Spring

No, I didn't bring in a robin's nest from outside! (Although I have a son who would have suggested the idea!) I found this little nest when the snow was deep outside, but couldn't resist how authentic it looks! It sits by our back door on an antique phone table that was my husband's parents.
I added the cast iron bunny and a vase of wispy greens.  Sooo springy!
I switched out the drab nosegays and replaced my PBarn cylinder vases with these light and bright gerbera daisies, also in the back foyer.
I took a gazillion pictures trying to capture the intricacy of the vase and the delicate detail on the petals.  I didn't win!  Couldn't get the picture the way I wanted, but I love this every time I walk through the family room. 
The front door wreath. This has been up for about a month.  Very transitional.  Soon, I will pull out the daffodils and tulips, but love the artichokes and purple-orangey tones of this one.  Not your normal spring wreath... this one.
This is a heart shaped wreath on the back door. Found this for a steal at my local Hallmark.
Also, another picture that doesn't do justice. One of my new vases with a little sand (straight off the beach at Siesta Key!) along with a purple taper and delicate pink and purple flowers.  It's hard for me, as my entire house is done in what I would consider fall colors.  This time of year, nothing blends. So, I just ignore and add colors and let them be what they are. 
The other large, newly purchased footed vase with some bright green stems and just a touch of white, anchored with orange and green star fruit.
On the kitchen table, which I have been switching out about every other week!
Can you see the mini nest with the tiny, tiny eggs?
Yep, Spring has Sprung! I'ms just hoping the actual weather follows.
Have a wonderful week!

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