Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pink and Green

My favorite colors.  Together.  Separate.  Pale Baby Pink and Pale Celery Green. Medium Rosy Pink and Lime Green.  Hot Fuschia and Kelly Green.  And, every shade of Pink and every shade of Green in between.  I love them all! Here are some random pictures of pink and green rooms and accessories.
Love the headboard, but not really the white frame on the white wall.   
Very dramatic!
This room so seems to blend with the outside! 
Sometimes Pink & White with just "greenery" works too!
A more sophisticated look.
So feminine and girly...

Love this one!
I could design a room around this rug!
So fun, but practical?
A unique place for the rug...I normally wouldn't place under the ottomans!

So, of course, somebodies bedroom here was going to be pink and green.
Jenna's favorite color has always been pink, so I gently nudged her to my special colors.  Tomorrow, I will share with you her room.  Pink and Green from top to bottom. Some fun painting techniques and a little faux bamboo thrown in too!

The really great news?  I have another Pink and Green room! Natalie, Miss Middle Daughter has pink walls, but nothing for the faint hearted.  With her room lights on at night, you can see her Pinkness from 1/2 mile kidding!  Anyway, one room at a time...tune into tomorrow for Daughter Number 1's awesome room! 

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Leen said...

ooooh, I love pink and green together, especially a soft green with pale pink, LOVE!

I will check back tomorrow to see your daughters room!