Thursday, March 3, 2011


So, I've been wanting to redo our formal living room since we moved hasn't been priority, and I guess it isn't awful, but the furniture is 15 years old, dated and there is no style or cohesiveness in the room.  I have been debating and thinking and searching for the right color scheme for years. I believe that there should be flow at least on the first floor with colors and themes, and since I have green everywhere it has been difficult. But, I don't want another "green room" but it does have to blend because of the proximity of the living room to the foyer and formal dining room, which flows into my dark olive 20 foot family room walls.  
I have been loving the "turquoisy" bluey-green coloring for sometime, but was unsure how to incorporate it in my home.  My favorite place in the whole world (and has been, since about age 8) has been the beach.  Not exactly the Atlantic Ocean kind of beach, but where the water is the most gorgeous shade of blue-green you can imagine and where the creamy sand just melts into the azure water.

This is it, right here....oh my...

It doesn't get any better than this...this is what I want to capture!

  Ok, do you get the idea? I have heard a million times on HGTV or read in magazines that if you have a place that inspires you to bring it into your home.  I really dismissed it all as hoopla until now.  I can't have the beach in Minster, but I sure can have the feel of the beach in my home.  No, I'm not talking about a beach inspired room complete with nautical ropes and "Gone to the Beach" schotscky-type plaques.  More like a feeling or a mood that is inspired by the colors and textures of the oceanside.  (Ha! Am I getting a little too deep here?) I realized that a little celery green mixed in will blend then with the rest of my home. I found these images that go along with what I'm saying!

This is a rug (about $2000) but captures the coloring theme I'm after! Also, the geometric pattern has been so trendy lately!

This is the feeling of calmness and simplicity I want to project.
I addition to the colors I have chosen, I am also attracted to some patterns and textures. I love the trellis/bamboo/geometric prints that have been popular in the last few years. Some examples:

Love this subtle stencil maybe on one wall, almost monochromatic.

Love the pattern on the chairs. Maybe on a side chair or a small table?
Love this lamp.  I want to get away from two end tables on both ends of the couch, so maybe one table lamps and then a crystal floor lamp with a colored shade?
I found a print that I absolutely adore on Etsy. The artist is Donna Geissler and here is a link to her shop.  It is not of the ocean, but so inspiring. I think this would be a beautiful focal point above my couch.
Hmmm....framed, or canvas?  What do you think?
Or, do you think I should truly stick with a ocean inspired print?
 I'm thinking an upholstery fabric with some texture. A palish blue color. 
This is a Waverly fabric called Pebble Caribe  (how fitting!) What you can't see properly is the blue-green flecks that are so gorgeous, yet subtle enough for a large sofa....did I mention I'm just recovering my current one?

So, I've got some more work to do.  First job is to finalize upholstery fabric for couch and a secondary print for chairs and/or drapes. I just want to know how Candice Olsen does it on Divine Design on HGTV.  She picks up a swatch here and a paint color from there and Voila' in ten minutes she has a whole room figured out... in my next life...


Beth@The Stories of A2Z said...

Hi Julie, is where I buy a lot of my fabric. It's a risk since you can't see the fabric in person, but I have yet to be disappointed! Looks like you're on the right track here with some inspiration pics. Find something you love and go from there!

Good luck,

Joyce said...

I really like the calmness of aqua too. I've been thinking of painting my bedroom a shade of aqua. Looking for the perfect shade. I like the idea of taking inspiration from things you love, like the beach. Good luck with you living room. Great blog!