Monday, March 21, 2011

Touches of Spring

No, I didn't bring in a robin's nest from outside! (Although I have a son who would have suggested the idea!) I found this little nest when the snow was deep outside, but couldn't resist how authentic it looks! It sits by our back door on an antique phone table that was my husband's parents.
I added the cast iron bunny and a vase of wispy greens.  Sooo springy!
I switched out the drab nosegays and replaced my PBarn cylinder vases with these light and bright gerbera daisies, also in the back foyer.
I took a gazillion pictures trying to capture the intricacy of the vase and the delicate detail on the petals.  I didn't win!  Couldn't get the picture the way I wanted, but I love this every time I walk through the family room. 
The front door wreath. This has been up for about a month.  Very transitional.  Soon, I will pull out the daffodils and tulips, but love the artichokes and purple-orangey tones of this one.  Not your normal spring wreath... this one.
This is a heart shaped wreath on the back door. Found this for a steal at my local Hallmark.
Also, another picture that doesn't do justice. One of my new vases with a little sand (straight off the beach at Siesta Key!) along with a purple taper and delicate pink and purple flowers.  It's hard for me, as my entire house is done in what I would consider fall colors.  This time of year, nothing blends. So, I just ignore and add colors and let them be what they are. 
The other large, newly purchased footed vase with some bright green stems and just a touch of white, anchored with orange and green star fruit.
On the kitchen table, which I have been switching out about every other week!
Can you see the mini nest with the tiny, tiny eggs?
Yep, Spring has Sprung! I'ms just hoping the actual weather follows.
Have a wonderful week!

Friday, March 18, 2011

For the Birds!

I am inspired today by the birds!  The temps have creeped into the 60's the last two days here in mid-ohio and I'm thrilled! I am not enjoying waking up to darkness again... (daylight savings time changed last weekend), but the patio door has been open and the sweet sounds of birds have been keeping me smiling all day.

Then, this morning, as I was doing my blog rounds, I happened onto Cottage Hill, a cute little blog, and, what do you know, she is giving away an adorable bird lamp in honor of her 100th post! That did it. I promptly got up, turned on the coffee pot and the camera came out.  I had no idea I had 6 birds of some sort or another on my first floor alone!  Who would have known?  I didn't even know I was a "bird" fan!  (unless of course, you read my other blog,  The Fab Five's, recent post, Slips, Squirrels, Snow and Spring,  which details a certain dedication to the outside little creatures!
So, here we go...
My most recent bird.  Home now in the new terrarium on the family room cocktail table....see Terrarium Transformation for more details! ($1. Dollar Store)
My little robin on an end table....
My wood carved "bird" ($1 Dollar Store), that sits next to my next project...a plate that is going to get chalkboard paint. 
In my formal Living Room (the one I can't wait to redo.) See Ideas.  This little bird has been with us for a very long time.  It always seems to find a home somewhere. 
By the front door, on the cupboard that is too little for the space. (Wow, I have a lot of projects, don't I?) Do you see him? On the top of the cage?
 Love it!
By the back door, welcoming the "back door" guests!
So, how many birds do you have in your home?
Do I beat you?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Stuff, but what to do with it?

About two weeks ago, we were out of town and had the opportunity to hit a few stores.  Nothing new, mind you, except the locations.  TJ. Maxx, Marshalls and Pier One. I frequent those around home, but really happened to hit the jackpot that day in new locations a state away!

I'd like to share with you my finds.  They are still unclean, tags still on and unsure of their future home.  Looking for some inspiration and ideas. 
2 cute wicker baskets.  I couldn't decide between the white one and the unfinished, so for $1.50 each, I took both.  If I would've only chosen one, I would've kicked myself down the road why I didn't choose the other one! They have plastic lining. Mmm, do they go indoors, or out? For fresh flowers or a potted plant? Unique because of the tin stamp on them.
Too cute lantern with glass panels.  Pier One, $4.29.  This could go on my patio in the summer as it's brown and orange, or easily in my basement rec/family room.  I'm thinking really cute with a lit chunky candle.
A great, cylinder type vase. Thick, heavy glass. Nice, soft edges. I priced this at Walmart, $10.  Marshalls, $3.50 on third markdown.
I have some wrought iron in my home and trying to incorporate a little more black throughout the house....this basket is about 12 by 16 inches. Love it, but not sure what to do with it yet?
This basket could be used as a bread basket or on a table with some moss orbs? Love the filigree and really don't want to cover it up? Or, maybe hung up on the wall somewhere?
Another vase, this one $2.00. I was thinking a little sand and pink taper along with a floral ring?
A great black candlestick. Love the scrolls and details. $4.00. Only one of these, and I always have a hard time with "one". I know, I need to pair with something else, but kind of stuck yet.
Another great vase. A big 18 inches high. Only $5.00! A great deal. It is footed and love the size. I tried to put it upside down as a cloche, but not quite the right look. I need to stare at this one awhile.  I want something different other than a candle and some greens or flowers. 

So, as I promised myself to wait until March 15th for "Springy" accessories, I pulled these all back out today so I could try to blend them in with my other spring-type stuff.
Ideas? Suggestions?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jenna's Room

I have no 'Before" pictures of this room.  Imagine white walls, white ceiling, white carpet. New house. Absolute blank slate. These are my most favorite shades of  pink and green.  Apple Green and medium, clear, bubble-gummy pink.  Yummy!
I started with the quilt from PB kids and went from there. The drapes are  fabric from a $6 sham & comforter cover set from TJ's...too silky to use the cover, so it became the drapes, (Thank you, Mom) and used the shams. 
The chest and dresser are both part of the Henry Link Bamboo collection from Thomasville, circa 1974.  I actually just bought those pieces off Craigslist and replaced her old dressers just last summer. Absolutely love these pieces!
The desk is an antique, simply painted white.
The gorgeous bamboo detail.
Love the warm lighting the lanterns cast on the room.
The seating, although not very practical, sure looks comfy.
Night stand details.
Always needed storage for precious memories and keepsakes (and State Medals!)
The armoire was an unfinished piece that became white, just like every other piece of girls' furniture in our home...I love white!! Those are cheap paper lanterns with light fixtures added.
Little Miss Princess Sophie absolutely loves to pose. She knows when that camera is on her!
This is made out of thin guage alumimum made on an industrial laser.
Very easy, basically a 16 inch green border of green around the top, followed by some wispy white vines...
I saw a picture of these lattice beds over 15 years ago in a magazine and had our local lumber company make them for me....(2 daughters have one time they were in same room!) 
Always love the personalization...
LOOOVEEE this pillow! I could've done the room around this pillow if I had seen it first! 
More bamboo detail, kept hardware original.
I know the valances need a little help...but I was in a bit of a hurry today! Sorry!
 A little whimsy!
The mirror is lime green leather...very heavy! Another TJ find! I don't think I will ever tire of this room.  Even though Jenna is in college and will be graduating soon, I will keep this room like this for awhile.  Some day, who knows, the grandaughters may learn to love Pink and Green just like me!