Saturday, February 26, 2011

Trends for 2011

I ran across this article today at  I am wanting to redo our formal living room and wanting to keep up with any new trends.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a couple of these things!!

1 Do use pattern in your home and use it often. Pattern is the antithesis of stuffy and boring - use it to enliven and invigorate your space.

2 Do mix colour and pattern together. "This creates a unique and individual look. Long gone are the bland 'hotel' generic looks of the last decade," says Lisa Nicholl, CEO of inVU Drapery Co.

3 Do layer different patterns. "Mix as many as you like, keeping in mind that varying scale is the key. Patterns like animal skins and geometrics are considered neutral to stripes and florals," says Lisa.

4 Do use wallpaper. If you haven't used wallpaper already, 2011 is the time to try.

5 Do use a patterned rug. Graphic floor coverings are so modern and fresh.

6 Do use brass. It is a metal that is making a big comeback. "Polished, antiqued, hammered - you name it, we're doing it," says Meredith Heron, Principal Designer of Meredith Heron Designs.

7 Do use gold. It's another metal making a strong comeback in 2011.

Do use layers upon layers. "Spaces that look like they have evolved over decades vs. styled and contrived in the moment are very 2011," says Meredith.

9 Do collect vintage. "Purchase items such as lamps, mirrors, prints and ornamental pieces to look as if they were collected or handed down, rather than purchased at a big box store all at the same time," says Lisa.

10 Do use anything patina. This worn look on metals gives items a story and history.

11 Do mix and match collectibles. "They do not necessarily all match in colour or style but somehow work harmoniously in a room because they were purchased with love and inspiration rather than desperation," says Lisa.

12 Do use vintage chairs. "Get rid of your faux leather brown Parsons dining chair and think about introducing vintage or mid-century second hand dining chairs," says Yanic Simard, Principal Designer of Toronto Interior Design Group.

13 Do up-cycle. "2011 is about re-using, recycling and up-cycling," says Yanic.

14 Do think pink. "We're doing it in a fresh way in 2011," says Meredith. Honeysuckle, Pantone's colour of the year is sweet, optimistic and lively.

15 Do be bold and individual with your colour choices.

16 Do use muted colours. Benjamin Moore's colour of the year, Vintage Wine, is deep and moody. Paired with other muted tones, it lends itself to a sophisticated, upscale palette.

17 Do use Travertine. "Popular in the '80s, travertine - to my great delight - is making a huge comeback," says Yanic. "It looks stunning, is less expensive than marble and it is a renewable material."

18 Do use geometric shaped tiles in your backsplash or bathroom. Hexagonal, herringbone or stylized floral patterns bring glamour and drama.

19 Do spend money on statement light fixtures. "They may seem expensive but you use them every day," say Juli Daoust and John Baker of the shop Mjölk. Invest in a cluster of clear glass globes or a sculptural pendant.

20 Do use coloured lampshades. Swap the classic white drum for a custom shade in an unexpected colour. Use a neon or saturated colour to add a fashion pop.

21 Do layer with lighting. "A lamp is no longer just a practical element. A lighting source can easily become a decor statement - combine various fixtures to create different moods, from lively to ambient," says Sebastien Fauteux, General Merchandising Manager for Urban Barn.

22 Do  declutterwith style. "But be sure to keep everything accessible with decorative hooks, stylish storage boxes, intricate jewelry trees and countertop organizers," says Sebastien.

23 Do reflect your personality. "Let your home be a reflection of your tastes, inspirations and aspirations. Pull your decor style from places you've traveled, your hobbies, interests or values," says Sebastien.

24 Do redefine value. "Value doesn't mean quantity. It means buying things for the home that you enjoy looking at and using," say Juli and John.

25 Do set your own course. Be individual and curate your home with inspired patience.

I am one step ahead of the gold and brass trend! With my traditional styling, my door hardware and some of my lighting is still the traditional brass.  This is the 3nd place that I have read about this trend!  Just when I was thinking I had to start to redo/replace some of it, I now have the edge!! Woohoo! Also, loving some of the geometric patterns and textures out there right now...I will follow up in another post. As far as repurposing and reusing, I have been doing that forever...It is probably what I do best...

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Anonymous said...

Julie, love your second blog!! Very inspiring to know that a little touch, either with flowers or something small, could make a difference! (like to know if husbands notice though) I love that you don't spend money on what you "really" want but you look around and find what's in your bugdet and work with it. My excuse is--I'll decorate when the kids are grown, you know, things break. :) Anyway, About a year ago you blogged about going around the house and freshing up all of your baseboards with paint. My initial reaction was--who has time for that. But you know, I think that's a great idea!! Keeps your house looking clean and fresh. I do paint the family room and dining room often (I think I paint often to cover up the dirt and also because I haven't found that "right" color that I truely like) so I can understand how an afternoon of just going around the house to paint over those chipped paint areas can help the way you look at your house!! Keep the ideas coming, I'm reading! ---AMY