Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Family Room Fix up

I purchased a new sofa and loveseat for our family room when we moved in, and then a second burnt orange leather loveseat last year for more seating options. Other than that, I used what furniture we had and for the most part many things transitioned into this home beautifully. 
This set of bookcases along with the corner unit was purchased for our home in Toledo.  It works perfectly in this spot behind our sofa.  The corner-type bookcase though, use to be in this corner by our window wall.
It worked well there, but truly needed to be at home next to it's matching bookcases.  What then would go in this corner?  A few weeks before Christmas, Home Decorator's Club was having another free shipping weekend on all purchases.  I had thought of a bombe chest, but most I liked were upwards of $800. 
This one was the cheapest I  could find for $589, but it is much smaller.
Loved this one, and same size but $989!
Loving the simplicity of this one. 
Mine was on sale for $249, and I had a "store credit" of $50 for a past purchase that was slightly damaged. So, $199, no tax, free shipping is pretty hard to beat! It was my Christmas present to myself! Although I will admit, it is not solid wood, the color, shape and size is just what I needed there.

 It took me a few weeks and after looking for a print that would work, settled on a sunburst mirror which is all the rage. 
this on is only $99 and available from Ballard Designs.
Love this one, but $470? (c'mon!)
Love the look of this one over a fireplace...
This is a DIY, but didn't want to go out trudging in the snow looking for 78 matching sticks! If you feel crafty, the directions are at:
It is only 20 inches, so not huge, but also did not come with a huge price tag like the others.  In fact, It was the cheapest I could find, but still looveee it!.  $20 from Amazon...(I think $5 for shipping) 
I found the lamp at Hobby Lobby for $13, and the marble egg at TJ Maxx for $7 on clearance.  The frame and vase are so old, I can't even remember how cheap they were  :)
The boring corner space now:

This will be an area that I will redo every month or two.  I'm sure seasonal items will be most appropriate and possibly replace the potpourri bowl.  The chest has four large wonderful storage drawers that are already filled. Just tonight I noticed that my handles are not as detailed and large as some of the other chests...hmmm, maybe I will have to look for other ones...but they have to have the same "one hole" style.
Opinions, ideas, yes or no?
What do you think?    

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