Thursday, February 17, 2011

A little bit of Spring

Even though it is windy, the thermometer on the patio says 60 degrees.  The white out in our backyard is almost all gone, and I'm not even complaining that there is a bunch of brown soggy grass everywhere!

So, in keeping with the weather, I redid the top of my dresser in my master bedroom with a touch of Spring.  Again, another small change. Before:
I took about 25 shots trying to avoid the mirrors and the glare (and me!)  Very difficult.  So, I apologize for not the best view, but basically I had some greenery, two brass candleholders, an ivory box and a few bottles of perfume.  Again, it has looked that way for 6 years. 

I think it is very difficult to really see how beautiful and airy the arrangement is, so I took a few picture of it in another room. 
Again, these two stems were from the Dollar Store. The vase was in the back of my vase cupboard.  I purchased it for $1 a few years ago. I think the key is the unique shape of the vase. It is not your cookie-cutter floral shop vase. Very tall, (18") slender and curvy. 

Whenever I walk in our room now, I can't help but to smile.  Such a small change has made such a big difference. Our bedroom is painted a darker green with a suede texture(and even though I love it), this adds some lightness and airyness to the room.  Less cluttered, fresh and very Springlike! 

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Amy Beth said...

Julie - I love what you did in your bedroom. You're starting to inspire me. I'm not "there" yet, but keep on blogging and hopefully, I'll start seeing some great things unfold in my decorating skills! It was great seeing you last night.