Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jenna's Room

I have no 'Before" pictures of this room.  Imagine white walls, white ceiling, white carpet. New house. Absolute blank slate. These are my most favorite shades of  pink and green.  Apple Green and medium, clear, bubble-gummy pink.  Yummy!
I started with the quilt from PB kids and went from there. The drapes are  fabric from a $6 sham & comforter cover set from TJ's...too silky to use the cover, so it became the drapes, (Thank you, Mom) and used the shams. 
The chest and dresser are both part of the Henry Link Bamboo collection from Thomasville, circa 1974.  I actually just bought those pieces off Craigslist and replaced her old dressers just last summer. Absolutely love these pieces!
The desk is an antique, simply painted white.
The gorgeous bamboo detail.
Love the warm lighting the lanterns cast on the room.
The seating, although not very practical, sure looks comfy.
Night stand details.
Always needed storage for precious memories and keepsakes (and State Medals!)
The armoire was an unfinished piece that became white, just like every other piece of girls' furniture in our home...I love white!! Those are cheap paper lanterns with light fixtures added.
Little Miss Princess Sophie absolutely loves to pose. She knows when that camera is on her!
This is made out of thin guage alumimum made on an industrial laser.
Very easy, basically a 16 inch green border of green around the top, followed by some wispy white vines...
I saw a picture of these lattice beds over 15 years ago in a magazine and had our local lumber company make them for me....(2 daughters have one time they were in same room!) 
Always love the personalization...
LOOOVEEE this pillow! I could've done the room around this pillow if I had seen it first! 
More bamboo detail, kept hardware original.
I know the valances need a little help...but I was in a bit of a hurry today! Sorry!
 A little whimsy!
The mirror is lime green leather...very heavy! Another TJ find! I don't think I will ever tire of this room.  Even though Jenna is in college and will be graduating soon, I will keep this room like this for awhile.  Some day, who knows, the grandaughters may learn to love Pink and Green just like me! 


Tina said...

Wow, Jenna's room is beautiful! Gorgeous colors, paint, accessories! I love it. You did a fantastic job. My favorite things are the swirly lines painted on the wall and that adorable rose pillow! Good for you.

Cara @ Twice Lovely Furniture said...

Oh my! This is so fun! You have such fun wonderful taste. I am swooning at your Thomasville dresser. Contemplating sharing this on our blog...

Michelle @ Ten June said...

WOW! This room is adorable! Every girl's dream room : )